Our Services

Cedar View Medical Supply takes pride in the high level of service we provide to all of our customers. We have built our reputation by focusing on our customers’ needs and offering outstanding service and support. In fact, Cedar View maintains one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Stock and Bill Program

Our Stock and Bill Program provides comprehensive DME inventory management and billing.

We work with physician offices, medical facilities, and surgery centers to make it easy and convenient to utilize all types of DME products on site. We stock our customers’ closets with braces, walkers, and other DME equipment. As the equipment is dispensed, we restock the inventory and bill insurance in a timely and efficient manner. Our Stock and Bill program is completely automated through our software at no cost to our customers.

Billing Services

Cedar View is contracted with most commercial insurance companies and federal plans including Medicare and Medicaid. We work with insurance companies to verify insurance coverage and file insurance claims. We accept assignment on claims and notify you of your financial responsibility prior to receiving services. Additionally, we will appeal denials made by insurance companies and work with you to make sure affordable payment options are available when equipment is not covered.

Our qualified billing professionals will ensure timely verification of benefits, answer patients’ questions regarding their insurance benefits, and maintain confidentiality.

Delivery, Setup, and Pickup

A Cedar View representative will contact you to deliver all necessary equipment to the hospital, clinic, outpatient surgery center, physician’s office, or to your home.

Our professional staff of DME technicians will provide instruction on the proper use and application of your equipment. Cedar View will monitor your progress on a regular basis and address all your questions and concerns.

When your recovery is complete, Cedar View will contact you to coordinate pick up of your equipment.

Monthly Supply Services

We ship supplies to our customers on a monthly basis. We also contact our customers to replenish their supplies, which can include products such as: electrodes, catheters, formula, compression stockings, and breast pump supplies. We keep track of all orders to ensure you receive your supplies in a timely manner.